Monday, January 18, 2010

This was from January 11th

Well here we are! I cannot believe it is already January 10th. Classes don't start until the 19th so I have one more week of sitting in the couch doing absolutely nothing ahead of me. Yawn....
So I thought of something fun I could do on here this year. I read a lot. I mean A LOT, and I'm curious as to how much I actually do read. So, I'm going to keep a list of book I read in 2010, and we will total it at the end of the year to see how much of a dork I really am.

Let me fill you in of my past two days, as they have been quite exciting.

Yesterday started as a normal, but exciting day. Jen was home!! So I was leaving to go to her house and found out my car was dead (probably from sitting in the cold driveway for so long, since I have gone NOWHERE). So my mom jumps my car, which was an adventure in itself. But then, my engine starts SMOKING and there is this whistling sound. After a while it stopped and my mom said it was probably just from revving the engine so much to get it to jump. So I go to Jen's, she gets in my car, and we decide to go somewhere. Now, her driveway is crooked, and when there's so much snow you can't see it, it really sucks. Needless to say I end up in a snow bank. We shovel me out for about an hour with no success, and I decide to call my roadside assistance. After being on the phone for a half hour with this bitchy girl, she tells me I don't have roadside (WHICH IS BULLSHIT!) SO we go back to the manual labor. Her neighbor Nick comes over, and Nick, Jen, and Stephen (her little bro) push my car while I drive. FINALLY WE WERE FREE! We get out and we go to chipotle, but now my check engine light is on. And it's whistling again. The rest of the day was amazing, filled with watching Friends, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince extra's on disc two.

Today, I call my dad and tell him my horrible car stories, and he comes over and looks at the car, (meanwhile my uterus is falling out). He decides we need to get a new battery. So we go to Autozone to get it, grab some lunch at Steak and Shake (classy), and we bond over my car engine. It was actually kind of fun. The rest of the day I sat on the couch with my heating pad and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on ABC Family with my mom. Happy times :)

Keep looking in my About Me thing for updated book reads.


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