Thursday, November 26, 2009

I hope everyone had a fantastic day with family or friends. It's nice to have an entire day where you think about and realize all you are thankful for.
It's weird to think about thanksgiving's in years past. Even just one year ago. Everything is always the same...yet every year is different. It's an odd feeling when you really think about it. I realized today that every guest I have ever brought to Thanksgiving, Nikki, Melissa, Jessie, Pat...none of us really talk any more. These are people I was so close with that I invited them to spend a holiday with my family, and now we hardly speak. It's weird how people come and go so quickly.
So here is to every one we have ever loved, been close with, and shared a piece of our heart with. I am Thankful for you for being in my life, even if you are not anymore.
Life is too short to hold grudges or have regrets. Be happy with everything you have had, because chances are it has made you who you are today.
Have a lovely Holiday.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be

I would just like to talk about how jealous I am of my dear friend Heather June.
Ever since I was little I read books. Book after book after book, and I would wildly fantasize about writing my own novel one day. But everything I wrote throughout my life failed miserably and was never as witty as I wanted it to be. Now Heather June is so amazingly creative. She is the most creative, intelligent person I know. She thinks the deepest thoughts and is wise beyond her years, perhaps wiser than she even knows. Even her blog posts are inspiring. She makes me think about my life and the world in ways I could have never imagined and she baffels me with her thoughts and ideas. You are amazing my love. No one on this earth is like you. You are so special and brilliant and I am so blessed to have you in my life.


Friday, November 20, 2009

The dreams that you dare to dream..

Sorry I fail at blogging. I kind of want to find a new blogging site. I really don't like this one. It's too hard to follow people and what not.

So last night I had this dream about you. It was SO REAL. I can't even explain how real every thing felt. I was so happy. and I remember I looked up at you and said, "This isn't actually happening. I know it because you hate me. I must be asleep, and I know when I wake up I'm going to be really sad and wish I could sleep forever" and so the dream went on, and when I woke up I started balling. You weren't really there. It was all a dream.

Oh how I wish that dream was real.

But I need to focus on the weekend ahead. I have projects and homework, and Grapes of Wrath and Oklahoma auditions on sunday. Then my sisters 2nd birthday. Lets try to be happy.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dum de dum

It has been a while since I last updated the blog. I have been super busy. Being and MT at KSU does that to a person. Oklahoma and Grapes of Wrath auditions are in 12 days (not counting today). I need to find a good character song for Oklahoma, because everyone and their mother is singing I can't say I'm defiantly not doing that. The director is going to want to shoot himself by the end of the day.
I AM SO TIRED. I really don't even know why. I have gotten sleep and I have been trying to stay healthy and exercise...yet I'm completely exhausted. Oh well. It's probably because I'm constantly thinking about what I have to do next.
I am overwhelmingly happy that there are no classes tomorrow! YESSSS. A well needed day of rest :) AND GLEE IS ON AGAIN TOMORROW!!!! Thank god!
I am so excited for thanksgiving!! 13 days till Kelly and Heather are home!!!
Well..that is all for now. Off to practice music (story of my life.)