Friday, November 20, 2009

The dreams that you dare to dream..

Sorry I fail at blogging. I kind of want to find a new blogging site. I really don't like this one. It's too hard to follow people and what not.

So last night I had this dream about you. It was SO REAL. I can't even explain how real every thing felt. I was so happy. and I remember I looked up at you and said, "This isn't actually happening. I know it because you hate me. I must be asleep, and I know when I wake up I'm going to be really sad and wish I could sleep forever" and so the dream went on, and when I woke up I started balling. You weren't really there. It was all a dream.

Oh how I wish that dream was real.

But I need to focus on the weekend ahead. I have projects and homework, and Grapes of Wrath and Oklahoma auditions on sunday. Then my sisters 2nd birthday. Lets try to be happy.


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