Monday, October 26, 2009


So I'm totally fucked.
4 MT's have swine flu. Within the course of about 3 days. We spend so much time together, singing together and what not, that we are all screwed. We used to joke about how the MT's were doomed if even one person got's happened. It's spreading super fast. I've heard it starts in the throat as a cough and I'm FLIPPING OUT because I have a cough. So many people are sick. One person has pneumonia and H1N1 and I am literally afraid for his life because the people that have does from it are people who had secondary infections. This is not a joke anymore. Katie and Vinny, I love you both. PLEASE get well soon. I will miss you both in class!
Everyone, please, take vitamins, drink juice and tea and get sleep.

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  1. My sister had H1N1.

    Bad, but she got over it in a week with anti-biotics that they gave her.

    Just keep washing your hands. :)